MSQ Plus Mass Detector

Thermo Scientific MSQ Plus Mass Detector is designed for robustness, increasing productivity through dependable simplicity.

The MSQ Plus Mass Detector with Accela UHPLC possesses the speed necessary for fast LC. Mass detection empowers chromatographers by generating meaningful data, strengthened by full scan mass spectra.

  • Dedicated FastLoc probes maximize sensitivity at LC flow rates up to 2mL/min in both electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric chemical ionization (APCI) modes
  • Patented design accommodates complex matrices and involatile buffers, minimizing maintenance and maximizing uptime
  • Tool-free, triple-orthogonal M-Path source
  • Self-cleaning cone wash technology
  • Damage resistant titanium cone
  • Small footprint
  • TFE “wipe clean” surfaces
The MSQ Plus Mass Detector allows:
  • Acquisitions at 12,000 amu/sec
  • Both profile and centroid modes
  • User controlled fragmentation
  • Fast polarity switching

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