RedoksLAB Support Plans

The support for all your system needs, now and into the future…

RedoksLABCare support plans is the perfect way to ensure performance and reliability of your instrument and a way to make sure you can keep the promises you make to your customers. There is really only one optimal way to secure your investment. Local, competent and certified they keep your analytical solution running at peak performance for maximum productivity, pay-back and profit. With RedoksLABCare, dedicated service and application specialists are standing by to ensure you the fastest possible response time and on-site service. Our support plans is designed to keep your operation always up and running by constantly optimizing your solution and are provided in a range of proactive services for you to choose from according to your business requirements.


focused & empowering

preventive & accessible


Every lab is diffirent so we offer highly responsive and customizable options to provide you with the support level that best meets the needs of your lab. Our total supply and service capabilities help customers run their operations at peak eficiency and maximum effectiveness. All levels provide services focus on helping to avoid issues before they occur. And get maximum value on your investment even at the end of the useful life of your equipment. We are with you all the way, providing helpful professional support before and after sales. We balance your performance needs with your budget without compromising quality.

Choose the support that will protect you best

Our range of affordable Support Plans help to improve productivity, increase equipment uptime and utilization, maintain peak performance and lower the total cost of ownership. Distinct levels of support are available to provide you with a wide range of choices that align to the level of expertise, support that your laboratory requires.

Support Plan Options





This plan is specifically designed for customers with critical operations that require high sample throughput and absolute maximum operation time. The plan is ideal for instruments thatare utilized as key components of manufacturing, production, or quality control processes. This plan is our most comprehensive service offering, where you benefit from the full potential of our service organization. This plan is designed for customers with sustained operations and delivers an essential blend of hardware and software support that will help you boost productivity. The preventiveCare Support Plan is an affordable option that delivers predictive and preventive maintenance services with the added assurance of an additional on-site visit.
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